We are excited to announce the long overdue publication of the MATINEE PROJECT photo series.

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I went by CBGB’s on a Saturday in ’83, and all those skinhead kids were out during the middle of the day. It turns out that CB’s was having these hardcore matinees in the afternoons.

I said, “Oh man, this is how I’m going to do this. I’m going to go across the street on Bleecker, set up a studio, and intercept these kids on the way to the shows.” Seemed perfect.

I had gone to CB’s back in like ’75, ’76, and I’d gone to high school a couple blocks away. I knew the area, I was comfortable there. I was one of those kids, you know what I mean?

As told to Emily Manning, i-D Magazine, Oct 25 2017
Unforgettable Portraits of Young Hardcore Punks Outside CBGB

Utilizing what I learned from Richard Avedon while working on his seminal book, In The American West, I stood on the eastern end of Bleecker Street, where it empties into what was the most famous street for the downtrodden, disenfranchised and destitute – the Bowery. CBGB’s was the perfect place for young outcasts, free thinkers and activists to gather under one roof.

Where are they now? Who have they become? With the advent of the Internet, reproducing these images and contacting people became simple. The third dimension presented itself – the history of these individuals and the true meaning of their existence.


Over 30 years in the making, Radio Raheem is proud to offer this collection of Drew Carolan’s photos in a beautiful 10″x10″ hardcover volume featuring nearly 150 pages of images.

MATINEE is available in two flavors:

1. Stand-Alone Book. Only $24.99

2. Deluxe Book Package, including:
• The book
• 20″x30″ poster
• Three signed 8″x10″ prints
• 7″ record featuring exclusive live tracks by Death Before Dishonor, Antidote, The Psychos, Blood, The Mob, and Hellbent, all recorded between 1983-1985
…all housed in a foil-stamped, case-wrapped box. Limited to 500 copies. Act fast. Only $49.99.
All orders include a free, immediate download of the 7″ record.

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MATINEE: Photographs



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